Dear EXOKNOX users,
Dear persons interested in Functional/Technological Data Management,

we are pleased to inform you that from today the new EXOKNOXhub-version 1.2.0 is available in our download area. Registered EXOKNOX customers can obtain the software via the usual download portal.

This is what we provide with this release

  1. the EXOKNOXhub software for Windows and Linux (tested for CentOS together with KDE, a Mac-Intel variant is also available on request)
  2. the EXOKNOXfree software for Windows and Linux
  3. accompanying documents for release notes

This is new

Smooth FDX data exchange with suppliers
It is now possible to exchange FDX data between any systems. Previously, the restriction was that the data models had to be identical on both exchanging sides.

Own EXOKNOXLyzium ODS server
The operation of the server side is now simplified, as all necessary components are delivered pre-configured in containers by EXOKNOX. EXOKNOXLyzium enables the use of the open-source database PostgreSQL. Previously, the use of commercial database systems may have been necessary.

The part number is no longer a mandatory field
By popular customer request, we have implemented the following change: When creating new actual data sets, the specification of the part number now is omitted. This information is only required when measured data is documented in actual data sets. The number does not need to be specified for estimated data or data generated by simulation.

Full text search supports improved copy/paste from third-party systems
Often search texts are copied from third party systems, such as BOM systems, and pasted into EXOKNOX. Filtered paste removes all hyphens (-), spaces ( ) and underscores (_) and pastes the remaining text.

Several bug fixes

This is what comes next

Aggregation of single components into systems
Component data models can be used to define systems. This makes it possible, for example, to define an entire suspension strut consisting of damper, spring, top mount, lower mount and bump stop. Subsequently these systems can be ordered at data suppliers and made available to users.

Additional scripting functionality

Easier creation of requests and deliveries

Batch deliveries
Functionality for generating N data deliveries based on one single order.

Traceability view for displaying relationships between data sets and/or bundles
Parent/child relationships between data entities are already captured on the server side. For example, a copied or scripted data set knows its source within EXOKNOX. A new view allows users to view and track the relationships.

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