Dear EXOKNOX users,
Dear people interested in Functional/Technological Data Management,

We are pleased to inform you that the new EXOKNOXhub version 23.08 is available in our download area. Registered EXOKNOX customers can get the software via the usual download portal.

What this release contains

  1. The EXOKNOXhub software for Windows and Linux (tested for CentOS with KDE, a Mac-Intel version is also available on request)
  2. The EXOKNOXfree software for Windows and Linux
  3. Accompanying documents for release notes

What’s new?

Integrated FDX data exchange The new main functionality builds bridges between manufacturers and suppliers through an integrated data exchange.

  • When completing a request, manufacturers can select a supplier to send the request to. The application then sends the FDXC file to this supplier in the background. If the supplier also uses EXOKNOXhub, the request is automatically imported into his system.
  • Once the delivery is completed on the supplier side, the resulting FDXC file is sent back to the requestor in the background and imported into EXOKNOX.
  • New “Import Log” view that gives an overview of the automatically imported requests/deliveries.

Improved Copy-Paste Copy-paste now works with external source data that is in scientific number representation. Various bug fixes

What comes next

  • More functionality to create simulation bundles from actual bundles
  • More options for data exports
  • Aggregated systems: Definition of functional systems by hierarchical linking of atomic component data models.


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